Bad Jelly

A Mental Health/Self Help Book written by a Board Certified Psychiatrist

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The purpose of this book is to help you expose and understand the root causes of your "false" mental pain and begin the process of healing your mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.
As a Lifetime Board Certified Psychiatrist, I have had the opportunity to observe the psychological experiences of many people.  For the past twenty years, I have treated thousands of patients, from children to adults and everything in between.  Based on my observations of these patients and the knowledge I've accumulated over many years of practicing, I've synthesized the theory of bad jelly and simplified it here for your own benefit.  
Before this book, people actually thought that the thought processes caused by bad jelly were the truth.  Due to the credence given to bad jelly, it's been allowed to have horrible effects on people's lives.
This is the type of book that you can turn to again and again throughout your life as you face new challenges and stresses.

*‚ÄčAvailable on Hardcover and e-book

*** By reading Dr. Gladstone's book,  and applying his techniques,  everyone can now avoid BAD JELLY toward themselves, parenting your kids, and socially!!!

Purpose Of The Book