By M.D.

All I have to say, is how thankful I am to be introduced to Dr. Gladstone. After reading his book, it has gave me whole new perspective on life. As a child, I was secretly abused for years, letting it eat away at me. This made me think it was somehow my sin. I got to a point in my teen years where I found myself trapped in a dysmorphic view on my body and life. Eventually, I addressed the painful fact of what happened to me. From there started very regular therapy ect. Now I realize that although those years of "therapy" did help (kinda) I still felt like a victim. A few years later I met Dr. Gladstone. Out of my surprise he didn't give me the "poor you" typical, but a straight forward "that's what I call Bad Jelly". I was confused but intrigued (being it wasn't the "oh a victim forever") card. After he attempted to explain to me Bad Jelly, he gave me a copy of his book. Being skeptical, it took me a couple weeks until I decided to read it. Holy Moly! It was quick to the point while being enjoyable to read! Bad Jelly opened my eyes to all the unhealthy defenses ect. that I believed to be "normal". Ever since reading this book, I have been happier and much more successful than ever before. There is so much more to go on about, but my suggestion is do the quick read or listen to the audible version. I'm sure this will make a positive impact on your life as it did mine.

By J.R.

Bad Jelly is not just a positive book, it is a whole positive lifestyle change. If everyone knew what was in this book the entire world would be at peace. Read Bad Jelly and spread the word.

By Bobbie:
This is an excellent overview of obstacles that stand in the way of becoming a whole person. the author has a very simple and organized way of looking at behavior. The book is easy to understand. It is an excellent primer to growth. I learned a lot from this book and would highly recommend it. I do wish he had spent some time talking about the power of interrelationships and how these can interfere with the ability to move on in life.

By Charlotte:

There is so much in the book that hit home to me.  I loved my dad but the abuse is hard to forgive and forget.  He has been dead for 8 years and I still let him get to me sometimes.  This book makes me understand better what a hold he had on me.  

By, M.D

It's a big difference.  Chat me up

By Kelly:
easy to understand- clear concepts.

By Amanda:
I am fortunate enough to live in Kona where Dr. Gladstone has a private practice and was given his book as part of my therapy. This book is a refreshing new twist on self help and literally explained to me HOW to become aware of Bad Jelly; the ideas in my head that come from my parents or others. It then went on to explain how to neutralize these thoughts and make choices based on my innate desires! Today I feel happy about my career, my relationships and my community because I am living in a way that is in alignment with my innate self and my g-d. Mahalo Dr. Gladstone!!

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Bad Jelly

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