Bad Jelly 

A Mental Health/Self Help Book written by a Board Certified Psychiatrist


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What is this "Bad Jelly" anyway?

Bad Jelly is the basic concept behind the technique I use in teaching my patients to relieve their negative vibes.  Think of it like this:  we're born as an empty jelly donut.  During childhood, bad jelly is at times injected into us, and saturates our identity through our childhood, teenage years, and even adulthood.
Bad Jelly is caused by our tendency to have negative fantasies and defense mechanisms regarding traumatic circumstances of various natures and intensities during childhood, being a teenager, and adulthood.
Bad Jelly is the dark cloud hovering overhead.   It takes over your thoughts from the inside and then causes problems for you as it extends its influence in your life.  
The discrediting inner thoughts you have toward others are likely to be associated with bad jelly. Low self-esteem is not real--it is a defense mechanism in action.  Although self-esteem is a completely artificial construct, it's a very big deal because it is all-encompassing.  Until bad jelly is neutralized, you will not be able to heal.  
The good news is that we don't have to live this way, and there are steps we can take to recognize and neutralize the effects of bad jelly in our lives!!!

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*** By reading Dr. Gladstone's mental health self help book,  and applying his techniques,  everyone can now avoid BAD JELLY toward themselves, parenting your kids, and socially!!!

About Dr. Gladstone:

Scott Gladstone, M.D. is presently a physician  in private practice in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii practicing Transcultural and General Psychiatry.  Doctor did his undergraduate at Alfred University, and is a graduate of Howard  University College of Medicine., andHUMMA, with his Great Uncle Nat, Nathan Sobel, M.D., Class of '34.   He did his Psychiatric Residency atLos Angeles County - USC Medical Center , and is Lifetime Board Certified in Psychiatry.
Dr. Gladstone is an expert in treating a wide variety of patients from private patients, to the medically indigent patients, and prison inmate patients.  Dr. Gladstone has been seen on TV, on radio talk shows, and public speaking  regarding Psychiatry to the general  public as well as to peers.  Dr. Gladstone can be written to at